Counselling is effective and evidence suggests that those who seek counselling support, end up in a significantly better place than those who don’t access professional help.

Workplace Counselling – I have extensive experience within this field of counselling having spent almost two years working as an affiliate for an organisation whereby I provided time managed evidence based counselling support through an IAPT (improving access to psychological therapies) service.  During this time my caseload included individuals from all types of professions and workplace settings such as: police officers, doctors, midwives, nurses, university lecturers, teachers, council staff and many other workplace environments.

Bereavement – I have a great deal of experience working in a hospice, school and home setting supporting people struggling with bereavement, life limiting and terminal illnesses. I have worked with adults and children for these types of issues. I have taken up specialist training within this area of counselling.

Suicide – The experience I have gained within this area of bereavement is very precious as it brings up many issues for my clients who have lost a loved one in this way. I also have first hand experience of the devastation this causes to the family left behind and as such feel very passionate about the subject of suicide.

In my work I have supported clients who themselves have experienced suicidal thoughts, checking in with them, risk assessing as they share their thoughts with me.  This is very much worked through ensuring the person gets the support they need.

Loss & bereavement training – I designed and delivered my own loss and bereavement training programme to unit welfare officers on the British Army Welfare Officers Course. This was focused on military deaths in service and provided important information on supporting bereaved military families including the compassionate package offered by the Army.

PTSD – I have experience and specific training to support those struggling with issues around trauma including individuals diagnosed with PTSD. I also use a ‘Rewind’ technique which can help to treat PTSD.

Rape, Sexual abuse & domestic violence –  working as a volunteer counsellor within the above areas I was trained to provide support in a women only environment to adult survivors of any type of abuse. I am also a facilitator of The Freedom Programme which is designed to help women who maybe at risk in abusive relationships to manage their situation safely empowering them to leave or at least get support networks in place.

Military life – I consider this to be my unique specialist area within my counselling work.  Having had many years of experience living and working within a military environment, including the casualty tracking of injured soldiers from Afghanistan and managing their ongoing sickness and absence.  It was during this particular role whilst visiting injured soldiers in hospital that I made my decision to train to become a counsellor.

Mental Health & Well being – Working within the area of mental health is what counselling is all about after all we all have mental health and it’s only when there is something affecting our mental health it gets talked about.

I have many years experience as a counsellor and as such I work within all areas of counselling and mental health issues come into  all aspects of my counselling work in one form or another.