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Mental Health & Wellbeing Its ok not to be ok Working within the area of mental health is what counselling is all about afterall we all have mental health and it’s only when there is something affecting our mental health it gets talked about, however just as we all have […]

Remembrance and Respect

Skip to content PRIDE IS NOT JUST A WORD Soldiers carry an immense pride for serving their queen and country as they carry out their daily duties but pride doesn’t stop there of course as we approach the month of remembrance, as the nation shines with pride for its serving […]


Spring is here and for me spring brings about a sense of beauty, freshness, new beginnings and all is well with the world.  It signifies the end of long winter days and there is a certain spring in everyone`s step as days get longer and brighter and the countryside and […]

Aphasia and Communication 

Working in a role supporting others brings me into contact with all sorts of issues. I recently attended training about people with acquired communication disorders such as aphasia (neurological difficulties which may affect speech, language and cognitive functions). This could be those who may have had a stroke, suffer from […]

Echoes Counselling Studio

I am pleased to share these photos of my new counselling studio which is set in the beautiful, tranquil setting at Aske in Richmond. It is a quiet location and also has plenty of onsite parking. This location not only provides a safe therapeutic environment for my clients but also […]