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Loss and Bereavement


Loss and bereavement is an area of particular interest to me. We all experience loss, change and death during our life, I know that I have experienced this and of course these can be the saddest darkest days ever.

It is important to remember that loss isn’t always about death and sometimes the breakdown of a relationship, loss of a way of life, or loss of something we value can also cause us great sadness and feelings of grief, therefore one persons feelings of loss (no matter how great or small) is individual to the person experiencing it no matter how insignificant their loss may seem to someone else.

Dealing with Grief

Are you struggling with coming to terms with the loss of a loved one?
Is the feeling unbearable, leaving you feeling like you can’t go on?
Has the funeral taken place and now you feel empty and alone?
Are people telling you that you should be over it by now?

These are all normal feelings people face when dealing with the loss of a loved one. The impact of death is huge and why wouldn’t this be the case, after all this is a final and permanent event in ones life and one which can be truly hard to come to terms with.

If the person who died met a sudden or an untimely death or even committed suicide, this can be even more devastating and of course the way that the person died can have a huge impact on the way those left behind are able to grieve.

I work with people who may be struggling and looking for answers, sometimes expecting me to have the answers they are looking for which of course is impossible.  However, what I can do is provide a safe confidential space where I will listen and support you as you explore your feelings around this area of your life. 

Together we can look at your unique experience which may include your hopes and fears around the loss you have experienced.  During sessions it is only natural that there are tears but you may be surprised that during the sessions there are also special light hearted moments as you progress through the various stages of the grieving process. 

I find this area of counselling a very special area to work within and I find it incredibly humbling the way my clients share their treasured memories at such a difficult time in their life. I am completely comfortable working with bereavement issues and believe this is something which helps put my clients at ease.

We all deal with loss in our own individual way and I realise not everyone will experience the same feelings and sometimes there may be factors complicating the grieving process and these can bring up feelings of anger, regret or even guilt which can be confusing for the person experiencing them.


Not only do people experience grief in different ways but also at different times, some people take time to try to get over their grief in their own way not wanting to access counselling, others immediately choose counselling support and sometimes people may wait many years before considering the counselling route.

Counselling is a good way of working through grief and there are no right or wrong times to access it, the grief  is unique to the person experiencing it.  The only relevance the timing has is that it is right for the person wishing to access counselling and they should not feel pressured into it by someone else.

Counselling is not something to be feared and is a really positive way of taking charge of your situation, accessing support which may enable you to move forward with the next chapter of your life.

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