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I work as a private counselling practitioner and strive to provide the best possible support for people who are struggling with some aspect of their life.

I am warm, friendly, approachable and resourceful.  I believe we are all stronger than we think and this mentality has got me through some tough times in my own life.

As well as being a counsellor I wear many other hats too I am a mother, a grandmother, I have been a military wife and have experienced my share of trauma and loss, all of which have made me the person I am today.

I have always enjoyed meeting people and have often found myself in a role supporting others, therefore my decision to become a counsellor came as no surprise to those who knew me.

Two significant events in my own life lead me on my counselling journey one being the untimely and sudden death of a close friend and the other being an incident which left my son critically injured in Iraq.

In my search for answers I changed my career path and found myself working in a role supporting injured soldiers who inspired me with their strength, humour and zest for life against all the odds, from this my counselling journey began.


Life challenges us all from time to time affecting the way we think, feel and live our lives on a daily basis and my own life has been no exception, events such as marriage, bereavement, divorce and ill health affect us all leaving us to find our own way forward from our unique situation.  One thing is for sure, even the most hardy of us need a little extra support at certain times in our lives.

My experience living and working in a military environment for many years has provided a real insight into the issues bought to this unique way of life and as such this has become a specialist area in my counselling work.

I hope this has given you an insight into my world and if you think you might like us to work together please feel free to contact me on 07513954154 or email me

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