Mental Health & Wellbeing
Its ok not to be ok

Working within the area of mental health is what counselling is all about afterall we all have mental health and it’s only when there is something affecting our mental health it gets talked about, however just as we all have good or poor physical health the same applies for mental health too.

Unfortunately this is the area of counselling which until recent years people didn’t like to talk about and were embarrassed to get the help they needed.

I am pleased to say that people are far more likely to seek counselling help these days particularly for depression, anxiety, stress etc.

Struggling with any form of mental health issue is not something to be embarrassed or ashamed of, everyone of us at some time during our lives will struggle with something that affects our mental health.

People need to be mental health aware, recognise the signs of stress, low mood and anxiety and do something before a crisis point is reached.

There are too many suicides some of which may have been avoided if people had felt they could talk about the way they were feeling.

If you or someone you know is struggling please talk to someone even if it’s to a friend, a teacher, family member, medical professional or a counsellor, talking and being listened to is so important.

Everyone has a duty of care to another human being so if you are someone who has genuine concerns about someone struggling with suicidal thoughts please raise the alarm such as going with them to their GP, letting someone know whether it be a family member, co-worker, teacher, friend or a medical professional. If you believe the person is in immediate danger of ending their life you should call the emergency services.

Keep talking mental health after all we all have it