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You’ve got this and so has your counsellor 

As a counsellor I realise more than ever that this is who I am because of my own life experience not just because of my professional qualification. Don’t ever think your counsellor doesn’t know where you are coming from most counsellors are fully trained in all types of issues and counsellors such as myself have a wealth of life experience to draw upon.

Most counsellors would never give this glimpse into their world but for me it’s who I am, open and honest and passionate about what I do.  My clients see this and I believe this is why they come back to me time and time again.

I am the sum of my life experience and this combined with my counselling experience stands me in good stead for helping my clients with their issues.

Going through a sad experience such as a relationship breakdown can be traumatic and heartbreaking but that doesn’t mean you can’t get through it and this is something I often share with my clients encouraging them to realise they are stronger than they think.

My own experience has taken me on a roller-coaster journey through depths of despair and heights of joy as I have progressed through the journey of my life and one thing I know is that life throws all kind of things at us, good, bad and sad and sometimes it can be tough these are the times when counselling can be particularly beneficial.

Hindsight truly is a wonderful thing and on reflection of my own experience I realised I progressed by embracing every opportunity that came my way.  I truly believe we are all stronger than we think and I will strive to inspire others to grasp opportunity and believe in themselves, there is nothing more empowering.

My life experiences have allowed me to become a stronger and better version of myself emotionally, spiritually and physically than I ever could of imagined.

You can’t change the past but you can and absolutely must learn to change things that are impacting on your life, try to live in the moment and enjoy your life in order to change your future.  Focus on the things you can change as you blossom into the person you are meant to be

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Tracey Dix - Counsellor at Echoes Counselling

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