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Spring is here and for me spring brings about a sense of beauty, freshness, new beginnings and all is well with the world.  It signifies the end of long winter days and there is a certain spring in everyone`s step as days get longer and brighter and the countryside and our gardens come out in bloom.  Its a great time to be outdoors and look forward to even sunnier days as summer approaches.

Of course if there are problems or issues affecting your every day life, moods and reason for living then no amount of sunshine and flowers will simply make everything all right with the world.  Spring is often referred to as a time of clearing out or spring cleaning and what better time to do so, a new season could bring about a new change for you.

Why not use this new season for making sense of the issues which are affecting your life? motivate yourself and be inspired to do something about it.  Spring clean your life, learn to embrace the challenges which have been holding you back and use counselling to help you explore any issues in your life, feel encouraged and empowered to make changes which may be necessary to help you move forward and look towards sunnier days.

Evidence proves counselling can work and those who attend counselling sessions end up in a significantly better place than those who don’t.

For more information about how counselling could help you please email or call me on 07513954154.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and perhaps make an initial appointment for you. You will also find lots more information as you navigate your way around my website.



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Tracey Dix - Counsellor at Echoes Counselling

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