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Remembrance and Respect – a year on

A year has now passed since my husband left the armed forces after 22+years and I know as he prepares his medals for his second Remembrance Day as a civilian, I will swell with pride and gratitude for the man he is today because of all that he has been through, experiences which will remain with both of us forever.

As a wife of or that lovely phrase ‘dependant of’ a serving soldier I can tell you the unique experience of army life affects the whole family not just of those who serve, bringing exceptional challenges along the way.  

As a mother too having a son who was critically injured whilst deployed in a hostile environment I understand the impact this has on everyone involved.  The pride I have for my son is immense and the moment I learned of this tragic incident will stay with me forever, making me forever thankful for the recovery he had made and the fact that he is alive today.

It was through long separations, extreme deployments, saddest days of injury and loss that lead me on my counselling journey.  My passion for supporting military personnel and their families will always be with me and my experience of this unique way of life helps me truly understand the life of the serving soldier and the trials and tribulations they go through along their chosen path.

Every serving soldier particularly during operational deployment may be involved or witness many incidents and my husband was no exception to this having had his fair share of operational incidents in extreme environments. 

As the nation remembers those that have fallen, let us remember all soldiers and veterans everywhere not forgetting the military wives and families too because they serve alongside their soldier husband/wife/partner/son/daughter taking a back seat as they play the important role of supporting their loved one, often putting their life on hold as they watch over their soldiers career with pride.



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Tracey Dix - Counsellor at Echoes Counselling

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