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Stress in the workplace

Do you have a busy job? Perhaps you work for one of the emergency services  or in a role within the care industry – Who cares for the carer? Are you serving in the armed forces? Are you a teacher?  Do you feel pressured at work?     

Does this ring any bells? I am sure many of you can answer YES to some of these questions

The truth is whatever job or profession you are in, stress in the workplace happens to most of us at some point .  Sometimes our employers take responsibility and provide counselling support although this is few and far between but even if they do, how many employees actually take this up?

Often people don’t want to take up any support offered by their organisation, perhaps they don’t want to be seen as weak after all their colleagues are managing ok, or are they?  Employees may worry about confidentiality and feel everyone will know they are getting support.

If you are in the armed forces or emergency services there can be an image you must live up to, perhaps one of strength, courage and a sense of bravado making it difficult to ask for help.  Sometimes things you may have witnessed could be the tipping point but you don’t feel able to share this at work.

Does this ring true with you? No matter what job you do stress in the workplace can happen to us all.

Don’t bottle things up, do something about it today and avoid possible burnout which could result in mental health issues, time off work, loss of pay and financial hardship.

Do something for yourself book a counselling appointment with a professional counsellor and experience for yourself the benefit of being able to offload and explore any issues in a safe and ethical environment knowing everything you say will remain confidential. 

If counselling is available through your workplace it’s certainly worth looking into if not you can go through your GP or find a private practitioner such as myself. Most counsellors can be found on websites such as Counselling Directory or through the BACP’s website.

Call me on 07513954154 for further information.


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Tracey Dix - Counsellor at Echoes Counselling

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