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No sticky plaster for a mental health issue

Most of us know that sticking a plaster on a wound only covers the surface while all the real healing goes on beneath.  

Of course you can’t stick a plaster on a mental health injury and if it were that simple, it really wouldn’t help.

Talking to friends and loved ones can help but like a plaster this may only scratch the surface.

Bottling things up can certainly make things feel worse leaving you feeling confused, frustrated, angry, depressed isolated or alone. 

Counselling can help. Talking things through by a professional who is trained to listen and support you, can help you to explore your issues in a relaxed, safe, non-judgmental environment, this could be the answer you are looking for.

Did you know that counselling need not be expensive? For some people just a couple of sessions can really make all the difference.

The amount of sessions needed is entirely up to my clients and whilst 6 sessions is a guide, depending on the severity of the issues, some people decide that for them 2 or 3 sessions has been beneficial. Other people realise they need longer term counselling and this can be arranged.

What I am saying Why not give counselling a try?  There is certainly nothing to lose and possibly plenty to gain.  

Evidence suggests that those who attend counselling end up significantly better off than those who do nothing at all.

For further information please feel free to contact me, no issue too great or too small and counselling can make all the difference.

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Tracey Dix - Counsellor at Echoes Counselling

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