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The National Memorial Arboretum

I share this from time to time because it is such a beautiful and remarkable site and well worth a visit for many reasons.  

The National Arboretum is set within stunning and tranquil woodland surroundings and is so much more than a war memorial.  

The different areas take you back in time giving a real historic journey through various wars providing factual and emotional accounts of real life incidents that you may or may not have heard of from the past to the present.  

Without doubt the Armed Forces Memorial is above all the most fitting tribute to fallen soldiers and will touch your hearts when you see the walls containing the names of the many war heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  For me there were several names from recent years of soldiers whom I have personally known and I was incredibly moved by this.

I visited just before my husbands unit were deploying to Afghanistan and it truly struck a chord with me as I found myself blinking away tears as I stared at the most poignant and strikingly haunting feature yet, being the huge chalky white walls standing untouched and tall, just waiting for the names of fallen soldiers to be written on.

Don’t be put off by that, after all I would defy anyone to be unmoved by this beautiful arboretum which leaves you feeling incredibly grateful for those who have and those continue to serve our country.


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Tracey Dix - Counsellor at Echoes Counselling

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