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My work with military personnel, veterans and families of the armed forces is very precious to me.  

Sometimes operational deployment particularly in war zones and other experience during service can have a massive impact on a soldiers life which may cause problems in their personal life too.

Some may have left them with emotional  scars which are not always visible, leaving them to suffer in silence unable to explain their depression, bouts of anger, unhealthy life style choices and so on.

The stigma of a soldier not wanting to be seen as weak can often be the single reason that stops them admitting they need help.

 Help really is at hand and there are counselling treatments available such as Rewind Therapy or EMDR which really can really work.
If you have concerns that you are struggling with the symptoms of PTSD do not be too proud, or ashamed to get help, PTSD is a mental health disorder that can be worked through with a positive outcome.

Contact me for further infuriation.and please don’t suffer in silence.


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Tracey Dix - Counsellor at Echoes Counselling

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