Whatever the reason for visiting my site the chances are something in your life is causing you concern, making you feel unhappy or perhaps leaving you questioning some aspect of your life.

Counselling can help and although it might feel a bit daunting to make that first appointment, its actually easier than you think, there really is nothing to fear.

It is really important that you find the right counsellor for you, this will enable you to feel at ease to begin to work through the issues that have bought you to counselling.

As well as being a counsellor I have a wealth of life experience to draw upon.  I am passionate about my client work.  I work in a respectful non-judgemental way with anything you wish to share and honestly even after the initial session you will feel the benefit of having explored your issues in a safe therapeutic environment.  I am a professional counsellor and work in accordance with the BACP`s ethical framework to ensure I work in your best interest at all times, adhering to confidentiality at all times.

There are many issues that bring people to counselling and at times it may not be clear what is going on other than you may feel confused, unhappy or even being `stuck` is the best way to describe the way that you feel.

Below is a list showing some of the reasons clients come to counselling.

  • Depression, low self-esteem, confidence building
  • Rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence,
  • Anxiety, anger, trauma, lack of motivation
  • Relationship issues, marriage breakdown, affairs, mid-life crisis
  • Military life issues, deployment, injury, trauma, life transitions, resettlement
  • Bereavement, grief , loss,  suicide, miscarriage or stillbirth
  • Eating disorders, alcohol and substance abuse
  • Gender & sexuality dilemmas, poor self image


Should you wish to find out more information please contact me on 07513954154 or email

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